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Emails your buyers your catalog, getting them to come back to your store!
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Give your buyers a great interactive shopping experience with our awesome flipbook!
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What Our Users Say
Best Idea Since the Wheel!
One of the biggest challenges for someone new to marketing on EBay is getting my name and products out to the buyers. There's so much competition that it's overwhelming. When I saw this, I simply had to cheer. Out loud! Thank you for coming up with this. It will save time and generate income. What could be better than that? Unless, of course, it's chocolate.
Sunnye's Merry Mart, View catalog.
LOVE this! It was incredibly easy to sign up for, and the catalog is completely done for you!
Cindy, View catalog.
I liked this app the moment I saw it and especially like the instant delivery to my buyers.
Now I wish all the sellers I buy from would sign up for it because it is so much easier to see what's
available than scrolling through an eBay search or store
Jerry, View catalog.
Frequently Asked Questions
Why use My Store Catalog?
1. Great way to cross sell to your buyers.
2. Beautiful catalog that buyers can browse through.
3. It’s 100% free!
How do I get started?
Very simple, just sign up and your catalog will be live right away.
Next, just set up your emails and you’re all ready to go!
Is there any commitment?
Nope. You can at any time cancel the app.
Can I personalize my emails?
Sure. You will be able to choose when to send emails
to your buyers and customize your emails too.
Our team is standing by to answer any question you may have!
Our Support team is standing by to answer any question you may have!
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